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News May-2011:

There has been a great rush of individuals and companies into the online education , promising the students to solve their problems and provide a high quality education. If you just go to google and search and particular search term like “Homework help, math help” etc . you will get millions of pages offering the services. Every page guarantee it to.

      • save your future
      • for better grade in result
      • solution 100% correct
      • on nominal charges and pricing
      • all time support

In fact we are not going against anybody or the offers and guarantees there. This is matter of ethics rather than business. There are alot of customers who want solutions rather than learning. it is their choice. But i have some question in my own mind that if children are using this service for short cut of passing exam rather than getting help to learn more.why do we stop it? At least we can…

Get/ Set Ethics:


We don’t know how the students are taking this service, but we at guidebuddha.com decided to set our own ethics

We would not provide solution one who is not ready to learn the concept.

We would not help in subject like criminology, law and medicine etc.

We would not help the students who are below 18. Parents need to communicate with us before child is enrolled with course.

We hope that everyone would follow our set of rules before going to get help from us.


From: Directors Desk